Ujala Commercials Limited (‘the Company‛), an NBFC is registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a Systemically Important Non Deposit Accepting Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC-ND-SI).

The Company was incorporated on 2nd Day of July , 1985 under the name and style of “Ujala Commercials Limited”, CIN: L51909DL1985PLC021397, In State of Delhi, having its registered office at A-6/343B,First Floor, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063, with the main objects to carry on the business of buyers, sellers, procurers, brokers, buying agents, selling agents, commission agents, factors, stock lists, agents, traders, importers suppliers of and dealers in all kinds of tea, coffee, paper board, iron and steel, chemicals, jute, cloth, cement, food grain, fertilizers, electrical goods, sugar, automobiles parts and rubber parts. The Company also involves in the activity of purchase and otherwise acquire lands, houses, buildings, sheds and other fixtures on land and buildings and to let them out on rent, contract or any other agreement as may be deemed fit or to buy and buildings and to let them on rent, contract or any other agreement as may be deemed fit or to hold maintain, sell, allot houses, apartments, sheds or buildings thereof to the shareholders or any other person or to carry on business of builders, surveyors, bricks and tiles makers, lime burners, houses and estate agents.

The Company is managed by a team of experienced people including the Board of Directors & other Management personal. and Qualified professionals having vast experience in the Finance sector. The Qualifications and Experiences of the persons on board as given under management tab are key factors for the growth achieved by the company in recent period. The Management is strictly applying its internal control through optimization of funding costs, identification of potential business areas, widening geographical reach, use of technology, cost efficiencies, strict credit monitoring and raising the level of customer service